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Located in the Espande on Marco Island Fl.

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Marco Mahogany Masters

Sean and Nathanial O’Donnell are successful local business owners and artists that have been taking SW Florida by storm with... their unique and exquisite art made by hand from local wood.
Believing in conservation, Sean and Nathanial RESCUE wood from Marco Island and the surrounding areas that would have been otherwise discarded and its beauty forgotten. The wood is locally reclaimed mahogany along with various other species that makes each sculpture a coveted, one of a kind piece that is truly captivating to the eye. Each piece of wood has a story, and the brothers meticulously observe the natural curve and flow of each specimen to bring the piece to life.
Each piece is skillfully crafted using a chainsaw, and Sean and Nathanial hand sand each piece, accentuating the natural beauty of the woods grain. The unparalleled attention to detail is directly reflected in each finished product making it a one of a kind collector’s piece that cannot be replicated.
Sean and Nathanial finish each piece to gallery standards, accepting nothing but the best for their customers. Both brothers are trained professional painting contractors that truly understand technique and execution in their craft. Together, the O’Donnell twins are preserving the beauty of our area in works of art that can be shared for generations to come.

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