We are the O'Donnell Family

Sean ( white polo) and Amy ( brown hair) have been Married since 2007 and have 3 wonderful children Baylor(10), Aurora (7), Laelia (2).

Nathaniel( green polo) and Jeanette (blond) Have been Married since 2006 and also 3 beautiful childeren Regan(7), Braden (6), Bria (3)

More about Sean and Nathaniel

Some of Sean and Nathans best qualities are attention to detail and passion. With everything they do it 110%. Along with being great Family men their hobbies include Orchids, Carving, Fishing, and giving back to the community on Marco Island in their free time. Every year they both participate in - The Joy for Giving at Christmas time. The regularly donate time and supplies to the Marco Island Art League and also attend beach clean ups with their children. The one thing Sean and Nathan are NOT good at is sitting still.  

We are Fully Licenced and Insured

Don’t be fooled by unlicensed or under-insured painters.  On Marco Island, painting contractors must have a contractor license to operate a painting business. Handymen are not licensed to paint.  Always get a copy of your painters’ license, general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance certificates.   If an uninsured or under-insured painter gets hurt on your property or damages your property or a neighboring property, the homeowner is held responsible. A workers compensation exemption is not sufficient and only covers the specific individual listed on the exemption. Beware of any contractor with staff that only produces a workers’ compensation exemption certificate.  This contractor is not in compliance with County Regulations which requires contractors with more than one employee to carry workers compensation insurance.   Any reputable company would be pleased to provide you a copy of their contractor license, general liability certificate and proof of workers’ compensation.

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